Thursday, August 27, 2009

my pincushion!

Hi! Haven't posted anything in a while, had stopped quilting for a while to get some fall/winter clothes made and I had my sewing room remodeled! Jim built me a fabulous table for the embroidery and sewing machines. Now I can leave the embroidery machine set up and ready to use, still have plenty of room for the sewing machine. So I'm very happy!

My first project after getting the room back in order was a new pincushion. I had wanted a wrist pincushion but didn't know I wanted to make it. Came across a nice website called LeighAnne had the cutest flower pincushion called Tea Cup Flower Pincushion. I used her idea but added a piece of heavy mylar under the flower(covered with a yo-yo) so the pins wouldn't stick me and added a strap to make a wrist pincushion. I love it and its fun to wear.