Thursday, June 9, 2011

Making progress!

Well the Skylights quilt is progressing but slowly. One of the hardest blocks so far needs to be re-done. I made it a 8" block instead of 6" without realizing it. When I drafted the block in EQ I must not have changed the size and until I started putting the other blocks together on the flannel wall I didn't realize it was the wrong size. And it was one of the most challenging so far, even at 8"! I probably will be pulling out my hair to make it 6".
I just had very interesting moment that I had to post it so I wouldn't forget it. In the short time I've been using EQ I didn't realize what a profound difference it was going to make in how I look at pictures of quilts or quilts themselves. The difference has taken place so slowly that I wasn't ever aware it was happening. As I've tried to learn more about the software, it has changed how I look at how quilts are constructed. Before I would have looked at a quilt and thought I would love to make that quilt but how in the world would I figure out what the block layout was. Now I don't look at the whole quilt but try to find what the blocks are that make up the whole quilt. Its amazing how easily it is to figure out what blocks were used when you change how you look at a quilt.
This morning, I happened on a quilt designer website. She shared how she got her design inspiration, in one example she saw a tile wall in a resturant. I was looking around at some of her quilts and came across one that really caught my eye, as to how in the world did that quilt get pieced together because the blocks looked so random and just thrown together. Then, I saw a four patch block and a simple two-strip block that was rotated along with another block; and I had figured out how the quilt was made. It was like I had been hit by lightning, and a best high all at the same time!
So I never imagined that learning how to use this software would so thoroughly change I look at quilts. I suppose I'm hooked on EQ! Chris

Monday, April 25, 2011

This is what I'm working now!

Hi! Everyone, I've made tremendous progress in learning the Electric Quilt software, I've had the program for several years but just never get real grip on understanding the program. Then I learned about the mystery lessons that are available on the website and I was blown away by how easy it to understand. The manuals were good at individual steps in using the software but I wanted something that went through the planning of a quilt from the very beginning.

I chose Mystery lessons called Skylights to start with,and the more I did the lessons; the more I fell in love with the quilt. Here is picture of a drawing and layout of the blocks. I've finished three blocks so far, the far right block, the far left block that is repeated three times and the courthouse block with the flag block.

Because of the small size of the blocks I've chosen to paper piece the blocks. I believe its made the blocks alot easier to construct and kept more true to size than I could have done with conventional piecing. Not sure though that I would want to make a large quilt by paper piecing because its more time consuming but I think it will all be worth it. Chris

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I can't believe I've done it! I "almost" designed a quilt, I say "almost" because it wasn't my original idea. I liked the design and wanted an easy quilt that I could make for the Threads of Love group I sew with; the quilt will eventually be an infant size crib quilt. So it was the beginning of something fun and challenging!
The first picture is copy of the block from EQ Library, that I thought had the basis for the block I wanted but I didn't all the additional parts of the block. Second, pic. shows that I edited and deleted most of the block parts and added the circle in the center. The pie-shaped sections within the cirlce are actually the seams of the sections under the circle. The circles will be appliques done over the sections. Third pic, is using the fabric selection in EQ to color in the blocks.
All of this wouldn't have been possible without having completed the Skylights Mystery Lessons from EQ. Its taken me little over a month to do the lessons and then finally see the inspiration for my first EQ quilt. This is the whole reason I wanted EQ, to be able to draw my own quilts from ideas I had seen in magazines and other places.
Thanks to everyone at Quilting Board who helped and encouraged me to take the lessons. With-out them, none of this would have been possible. Chris

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hi! Everyone, Hope everyone is well and enjoying this early spring weather. Its beautiful here(So. Alabama), the flowering cherry trees and bradford pear trees are more beautiful than they have been in years. Solid white trees; of the mess that follows will come in a week or so!!!
Well, I haven't exactly been working on anything that would look exciting at the moment but hope it will help in the future. I've been spending alot more time with my EQ(Electric Quilt) software. Just finished ten lessons in a mystery quilt, each lesson teaching a different aspect of EQ. I completed all the lessons! And feel like it really help. I was particularily interested in learning more about the drawing features of the software, and the lessons really helped. Still have some practicing to do to actually being able to draw a block and know what I'm doing. Eventually, I would like to be able to sketch out a block from a magazine or pattern.
The GK's are doing great. Hannah is six yr. old and I can't believe it!!! Sarah will be five in April and Jamie, the only boy will 1yr old on the 28 of this month. They are such sweet kids and so much fun to be around.
Many of you don't know Jim had to have heart bypass surgery on 11/29. On the Fri night following the Ala./Auburn football game I found him in his recliner unconscious and barely breathing. Thankfully, God was with us that night because the sequences of events that followed wouldn't have been as good if He hadn't worked out the details, ie... the ambulance missing our house and my BIL having to chase them down to get them back to the right house!!! The surgery was a success and Jim is going back to work(another of God's blessings!) soon, and it couldn't be any sooner for me! Both of us at home at the same time, one of us would be going back to work.
So things are nearly back to normal and I'm looking forward to my evenings of sewing like they were before 11/29! Take care, Chris

Monday, January 10, 2011

So much has happened!

I am so sorry that I've not posted anything in a long while. To be honest, I've not always been comfortable writing but recently have felt that I needed to start posting again. So much has happened to our family this last year, much of it I would not have been able to put one foot in front of the other without my faith in Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit. With each of the situations I have felt such a sense of peace and even if the situation's outcome wasn't what I would have liked; I knew without a doubt that God was there for me. We are very fortunate that the New Year has brought good health for the whole family. So prayers were heard!

Now things have started to get back what is normal for our family; and I can start to get back to my favorite things, my family first then sewing and quilting. And raising a new puppy! Roxie was born Thanksgiving Day, a day after my birthday! Even though she's only a little 1-1/2lb ball of fur, she brought some new energy to the house, and the older dog has found out what it's like to be on the other end of the tail pulling, ear pulling and whatever else Roxie can think to do. Buddy no longer has time to tease the three cats!

Well, my next project is to make a Kindle cover for my daughter. I had wanted to get it done before Christmas but so much came to screeching halt before Christmas that I'm just now getting things done that I had promised to have ready for the holidays. At least I'm getting them done!

Hope everyone has a great 2011 and lots of finished projects. Hugs, Chris