Thursday, August 27, 2009

my pincushion!

Hi! Haven't posted anything in a while, had stopped quilting for a while to get some fall/winter clothes made and I had my sewing room remodeled! Jim built me a fabulous table for the embroidery and sewing machines. Now I can leave the embroidery machine set up and ready to use, still have plenty of room for the sewing machine. So I'm very happy!

My first project after getting the room back in order was a new pincushion. I had wanted a wrist pincushion but didn't know I wanted to make it. Came across a nice website called LeighAnne had the cutest flower pincushion called Tea Cup Flower Pincushion. I used her idea but added a piece of heavy mylar under the flower(covered with a yo-yo) so the pins wouldn't stick me and added a strap to make a wrist pincushion. I love it and its fun to wear.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photos of the kit

This the kit inside and out! I used a third coorindating ribbon to make a loop and bow(the bow goes on the backside of the kit to hide where the loop is attached. for the button, I took two buttons; a large white button and topped it with a heart shape button. The two were sewn as one button.
Hope you have fun making yours and please send me pictures of your sewing kits, I would love seeing your work. Hugs, Chris

I added the large bags first, taping them on the sides first, then adding the long strips close to the center( down at the lower half of the picture, the pin with white head is marking the half way point of the mat). After placing the long strip of tape, I checked to make use the striped ribbon was the correct position at the halfway point of the mat. I pulled back the stripe ribbon and cut the large plastic bags at the halfway point. Then I layered the small bags on top and followed the same procedure. Once all the bags were firmly taped down and trimmed, I top-stitched the stripe ribbon; anchoring all the layers of bags under the ribbon. Then removed all the blue tape.

. To re-enforce the handle I used a second layer of ribbon at the handles. Using the sticky tape on the polka dot ribbon, I added the stripe ribbon, tucking the ends of the stripe ribbon between the polka dot ribbon and placemat.
Top-stitch the ribbon in place, stitching all the way around; including the handles. I added a small pocket to hide the backside of the monogram, you'll be able to see it in the next picture(it's on the left-side of the mat).

The ribbon starts at the point where it is pinned. I used 63 in. of ribbon, the handles are about 13 in ea. I folded under about 1/4in at the end to hide the raw edge

First step, if using the purchased mat; you might want to embellish it some way. Small pockets or applique, but anything done would have fit between the strips of ribbon(see photo 2.) Decide where the handles should be, attach two strips of paper back soluble sticky tape(the white strip is the paper backing from the tape and the shiny strip is the tape). The tape the will hold the ribbon in place while its being stitched in place. I love this tape, have used it for so many things!!!

Placemat sewing kit

This kit was fun to make, my daughter got her first sewing machine. She more interested in using the decorative stitches as a embellishment technique when she is scrapbooking. I figure one thing leads to another and someday she's going to want me to teach her how to sew. We"ll see! Anyway, I thought I would make her a sewing/scrapbooking kit. She can use it whatever she likes.

If you have any questions please email me and would I glad to help. I've tried to keep the pictures as few as possible but still give a good idea of how I made the kit. I have a suggestion for those who love to quilt, try making a placemat instead of buying one. Maybe a crazypatch or a stack n whack mat would be great

Here's a list of things I used to make the kit:

1 placemat- 18-1/2x14

Ribbon- grograin is the best. Used three different patterns

Ziploc bags, can use either tab or zipper type

Roll of paper-back water soluble sticky tape-1/4"wide

Button for closure
Fabric for optional pocket

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Friendship tablerunner

Hi! Everyone, These are pictures of the swap project I mailed out on Wed. Can't say where or who just yet because its supposed to be a surprise. I had so much fun working on this project, finding the Italian theme fabric and already had the Chef designs(from and the herb designs(from; I couldn't put together a better match. It was like they were made for each other. Tomrrow, I'm going back to Hobby Lobby to see if I can get more of the Italian thene fabric to put in my stash.
Well, I've just got all my quilitng done for a while. Have to finish one more project then I'm taking a break from quilting and going to make some summer clothes for my granddaughters and maybe something for me. I haven't done any garment sewing in a long while. Need to do something different for a change. But first have to finish my mother's lapquilt that should have been finished before I started the swap runner but I ran out of time and had to get the Friendship runner finished and in the mail before June 1. I gave Mother flowers for Mother's Day but told her something else was coming but didn't tell what it was or anything about it. So its still a surprise.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer. Tonight we went over to my mother's and spent the evening on her screen porch overlooking the lake. It was fanstatic! Her porch is built almost on a second story so you really get a grand view of the lake. There is nothing like early summer in Alabama but before the humidity and heat sets in!!! Take care, Chris

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Patriotic Runner by Joan

Hi! Everyone, Wanted to show off the runner I received from Joan of NorthGlenn, Colorado. She also sent the ragdoll and fabric basket that was filled with fat quarters and "gourment" M&M's, which are in a candy jar and hidden so Jim can't find them! We are part of the "Quilted Table Yahoo Group" swap.
I'll post another message with the pictures of the package I sent out. Take care, Chris

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Necessity can be the mother of invention!

Hi! First, Hercules had to say hello and get himself in the picture. He is pawing my recycle/reuse item!!! Its actually a draftsmans' pellet bag, its used for anchoring large pieces of paper.
I was wanting to make a scrap/thread catcher bag/pincushion but didn't want to go and buy a big bag of playsand just to make one bag/pincushion. I started looking around the house for something else I could use but nothing came up heavy enough to use in the pincushion. Then I remembered Jim had given me two of the pellet weights to use when I was cutting out patterns but I never liked using them. So now at least one of them was getting a new life! The weight along with stuffing made a pretty good pincushion.
My second "neat" idea was to use some of the fusible Thermoweb plastic on the lining of the scrap bag. I'm hoping that it will make removing the bits of thread from the bag, a little easier. Threads have a tendency to stick to fabric, making them hard to remove.
Third thing I had to come up with was a substitue to keep the scrap/pincushion bag open, most of the instructions for the bags suggested using something stiff in the seamcasing at the top of the bag to keep it open so threads would easily fall into the bag. I didn't have anything stiff!!! So I used elastic; by the time I threaded the elastic through the casing and along with fusible plastic; the bag has enough stiffness to stay open.
I love my scrapbag/pincushion. Its amazing when you're quilting how many bits and pieces of thread that seem to find their way to the floor, and they're almost impossible to sweep up off the carpet. Maybe the bag will help some!!! Hugs, Chris

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hi! The wall hanging is finished! Its taken almost two years, other projects always seemed to keep this one to the background. After I finished the Easter runner, I decided to finish the quilt before starting on anything else.
I had alot of fun working on this sampler quilt, different block and fabrics made working on it more interesting. Now I know why BOM are so popular. The birdhouse block at the upper left corner matches the birdhouse runner posted Jan 28,'09. Because the kitchen table is right in front of the fireplace, wanted the runner and quilt look good together. So many of the same fabrics are used on both.
When the house was remodeled, the chimmey was removed but the fireplace along with the rocks were left in place; so its a safe place to hang a quilt, the fireplace hasn't been used in years. I wish we had room for a mantel but that's okay, I got the quilt in its place.
Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend. Hugs, Chris

Friday, March 27, 2009

My latest project

Hi! Everyone, This is my Easter tablerunner for Quilted Tables Yahoo group Easter swap. The lady who received it lives in Colorado and she loved purple, so it kind of nice knowing I have something of me so far away!!! Its hard to tell from the photo, the fabric used in the blocks and the border have tulips printed on it.
Actually the pattern came from CompuQuilt's website, it was one of their freebies called Buttercup. To me it looked more like a tulip but I quess like alot of things, its depends on who's looking at it! Anyway, in the pattern; the blocks were to run all in one direction but since this was tablerunner that seems to look a little odd. So I turned the center blocks inward and the rest pointed to each end.
It will be awhile before I want to work with any more half square triangles, they are not easy to work with!!! Trying to get them to lay flat since they are cut on the bias isn't easy. Either the fabric wants to ripple at the seam or on the outside seam next to the border depending on how you cut them. Anyway, I learned something working on this quilt and feel I did a "fair" job on it.
Take care, Chris