Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I can't believe I've done it! I "almost" designed a quilt, I say "almost" because it wasn't my original idea. I liked the design and wanted an easy quilt that I could make for the Threads of Love group I sew with; the quilt will eventually be an infant size crib quilt. So it was the beginning of something fun and challenging!
The first picture is copy of the block from EQ Library, that I thought had the basis for the block I wanted but I didn't all the additional parts of the block. Second, pic. shows that I edited and deleted most of the block parts and added the circle in the center. The pie-shaped sections within the cirlce are actually the seams of the sections under the circle. The circles will be appliques done over the sections. Third pic, is using the fabric selection in EQ to color in the blocks.
All of this wouldn't have been possible without having completed the Skylights Mystery Lessons from EQ. Its taken me little over a month to do the lessons and then finally see the inspiration for my first EQ quilt. This is the whole reason I wanted EQ, to be able to draw my own quilts from ideas I had seen in magazines and other places.
Thanks to everyone at Quilting Board who helped and encouraged me to take the lessons. With-out them, none of this would have been possible. Chris

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hi! Everyone, Hope everyone is well and enjoying this early spring weather. Its beautiful here(So. Alabama), the flowering cherry trees and bradford pear trees are more beautiful than they have been in years. Solid white trees; of the mess that follows will come in a week or so!!!
Well, I haven't exactly been working on anything that would look exciting at the moment but hope it will help in the future. I've been spending alot more time with my EQ(Electric Quilt) software. Just finished ten lessons in a mystery quilt, each lesson teaching a different aspect of EQ. I completed all the lessons! And feel like it really help. I was particularily interested in learning more about the drawing features of the software, and the lessons really helped. Still have some practicing to do to actually being able to draw a block and know what I'm doing. Eventually, I would like to be able to sketch out a block from a magazine or pattern.
The GK's are doing great. Hannah is six yr. old and I can't believe it!!! Sarah will be five in April and Jamie, the only boy will 1yr old on the 28 of this month. They are such sweet kids and so much fun to be around.
Many of you don't know Jim had to have heart bypass surgery on 11/29. On the Fri night following the Ala./Auburn football game I found him in his recliner unconscious and barely breathing. Thankfully, God was with us that night because the sequences of events that followed wouldn't have been as good if He hadn't worked out the details, ie... the ambulance missing our house and my BIL having to chase them down to get them back to the right house!!! The surgery was a success and Jim is going back to work(another of God's blessings!) soon, and it couldn't be any sooner for me! Both of us at home at the same time, one of us would be going back to work.
So things are nearly back to normal and I'm looking forward to my evenings of sewing like they were before 11/29! Take care, Chris