Thursday, June 9, 2011

Making progress!

Well the Skylights quilt is progressing but slowly. One of the hardest blocks so far needs to be re-done. I made it a 8" block instead of 6" without realizing it. When I drafted the block in EQ I must not have changed the size and until I started putting the other blocks together on the flannel wall I didn't realize it was the wrong size. And it was one of the most challenging so far, even at 8"! I probably will be pulling out my hair to make it 6".
I just had very interesting moment that I had to post it so I wouldn't forget it. In the short time I've been using EQ I didn't realize what a profound difference it was going to make in how I look at pictures of quilts or quilts themselves. The difference has taken place so slowly that I wasn't ever aware it was happening. As I've tried to learn more about the software, it has changed how I look at how quilts are constructed. Before I would have looked at a quilt and thought I would love to make that quilt but how in the world would I figure out what the block layout was. Now I don't look at the whole quilt but try to find what the blocks are that make up the whole quilt. Its amazing how easily it is to figure out what blocks were used when you change how you look at a quilt.
This morning, I happened on a quilt designer website. She shared how she got her design inspiration, in one example she saw a tile wall in a resturant. I was looking around at some of her quilts and came across one that really caught my eye, as to how in the world did that quilt get pieced together because the blocks looked so random and just thrown together. Then, I saw a four patch block and a simple two-strip block that was rotated along with another block; and I had figured out how the quilt was made. It was like I had been hit by lightning, and a best high all at the same time!
So I never imagined that learning how to use this software would so thoroughly change I look at quilts. I suppose I'm hooked on EQ! Chris