Thursday, June 25, 2009

Photos of the kit

This the kit inside and out! I used a third coorindating ribbon to make a loop and bow(the bow goes on the backside of the kit to hide where the loop is attached. for the button, I took two buttons; a large white button and topped it with a heart shape button. The two were sewn as one button.
Hope you have fun making yours and please send me pictures of your sewing kits, I would love seeing your work. Hugs, Chris

I added the large bags first, taping them on the sides first, then adding the long strips close to the center( down at the lower half of the picture, the pin with white head is marking the half way point of the mat). After placing the long strip of tape, I checked to make use the striped ribbon was the correct position at the halfway point of the mat. I pulled back the stripe ribbon and cut the large plastic bags at the halfway point. Then I layered the small bags on top and followed the same procedure. Once all the bags were firmly taped down and trimmed, I top-stitched the stripe ribbon; anchoring all the layers of bags under the ribbon. Then removed all the blue tape.

. To re-enforce the handle I used a second layer of ribbon at the handles. Using the sticky tape on the polka dot ribbon, I added the stripe ribbon, tucking the ends of the stripe ribbon between the polka dot ribbon and placemat.
Top-stitch the ribbon in place, stitching all the way around; including the handles. I added a small pocket to hide the backside of the monogram, you'll be able to see it in the next picture(it's on the left-side of the mat).

The ribbon starts at the point where it is pinned. I used 63 in. of ribbon, the handles are about 13 in ea. I folded under about 1/4in at the end to hide the raw edge

First step, if using the purchased mat; you might want to embellish it some way. Small pockets or applique, but anything done would have fit between the strips of ribbon(see photo 2.) Decide where the handles should be, attach two strips of paper back soluble sticky tape(the white strip is the paper backing from the tape and the shiny strip is the tape). The tape the will hold the ribbon in place while its being stitched in place. I love this tape, have used it for so many things!!!

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