Monday, January 10, 2011

So much has happened!

I am so sorry that I've not posted anything in a long while. To be honest, I've not always been comfortable writing but recently have felt that I needed to start posting again. So much has happened to our family this last year, much of it I would not have been able to put one foot in front of the other without my faith in Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit. With each of the situations I have felt such a sense of peace and even if the situation's outcome wasn't what I would have liked; I knew without a doubt that God was there for me. We are very fortunate that the New Year has brought good health for the whole family. So prayers were heard!

Now things have started to get back what is normal for our family; and I can start to get back to my favorite things, my family first then sewing and quilting. And raising a new puppy! Roxie was born Thanksgiving Day, a day after my birthday! Even though she's only a little 1-1/2lb ball of fur, she brought some new energy to the house, and the older dog has found out what it's like to be on the other end of the tail pulling, ear pulling and whatever else Roxie can think to do. Buddy no longer has time to tease the three cats!

Well, my next project is to make a Kindle cover for my daughter. I had wanted to get it done before Christmas but so much came to screeching halt before Christmas that I'm just now getting things done that I had promised to have ready for the holidays. At least I'm getting them done!

Hope everyone has a great 2011 and lots of finished projects. Hugs, Chris

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