Saturday, May 5, 2012

Got a new toy!

Hi Everyone, Well I bought a Sizzix Cutter! I haven't cut out my first quilt yet but I tried using the some of the applique dies and the Cutter does a fabulous job! Now I have to work on my applique skills! Neither of my machines has a blanket stitch so I guess I'll have to use a zigzag instead. The hard part is getting the stitching to look halfway decent.
 We have counter space in the laundry room that had an old sink set in place, never used it so Jim made a wooden plank to go over the sink area so it gives me a little more surface area but after using the Cutter I'm realizing I need a little more space. There still some space left that Jim is "willingly" giving up, he leaves some of his tools and assorted things at one end of the counter, so he going to find space for them somewhere else. Nice guy!!!!
 I've just about finished Sarah's(youngest GD) quilt. She wanted her quilt made with Dora fabric, and Hannah(the oldest) wanted her's to be the Disney Princess fabric. These quilt are for them to play with, lay on but not heirlooms. Each girl spotted some sequin fabric that matched the fabric they had chosen, and wanted some of the sequin fabric on their quilt. On Sarah's I sewed a 3" border of the sequin fabric on the fabric, looks kind of cute. Really puts some "sparkle" to the quilt!
 Hannah's quilt will be the first quilt for the Sizzix. Haven't decided what block I'll use. Accuquilt has a chart of different blocks that can be made for 8" or 12", that will help me get used to using the dies and what combination of dies work together.
 I'll post pictures of the girls' quilts when I finish them. Not giving them the quilts till both are finished. No asking "where is my quilt, Nonnie?"   Hugs, Chris

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