Friday, March 27, 2009

My latest project

Hi! Everyone, This is my Easter tablerunner for Quilted Tables Yahoo group Easter swap. The lady who received it lives in Colorado and she loved purple, so it kind of nice knowing I have something of me so far away!!! Its hard to tell from the photo, the fabric used in the blocks and the border have tulips printed on it.
Actually the pattern came from CompuQuilt's website, it was one of their freebies called Buttercup. To me it looked more like a tulip but I quess like alot of things, its depends on who's looking at it! Anyway, in the pattern; the blocks were to run all in one direction but since this was tablerunner that seems to look a little odd. So I turned the center blocks inward and the rest pointed to each end.
It will be awhile before I want to work with any more half square triangles, they are not easy to work with!!! Trying to get them to lay flat since they are cut on the bias isn't easy. Either the fabric wants to ripple at the seam or on the outside seam next to the border depending on how you cut them. Anyway, I learned something working on this quilt and feel I did a "fair" job on it.
Take care, Chris


  1. You did a very nice job on the runner. LOVE the colors! Lucky whoever in Colorado!

  2. Pretty table runner. Also like the birdhouse one.

  3. Hi! Lynn and Karen, thank you! I had so much fun working on both these runners. And they both helped boost my quilting confidence, sure learned alot with them both. Take care, Chris

  4. Wow what a beautiful table runner. I bet she will cherish it forever.Job well done.